I’m sure you normally clean the lint out of your removable lint filter in your dryer. However, if you think that by simply cleaning that filter you are preventing a fire from happening – think again.

A good amount of lint can actually be backed up inside the vent itself. If that isn’t cleaned out, unfortunately some bad things may happen. If you’ve noticed a good amount of extra lint on your clothing or blankets lately, there’s a good possibility that there may be some lint clogged somewhere within the vent.

Other signs that your dryer vent may be clogged can be the following:

  • Your clothes aren’t fully drying
  • The outside of the dryer feels quite hot
  • Clothes seem much hotter than usual
  • There is a burnt smell in the laundry room

However, don’t fear! You can do this simple project yourself! You’ll just need your vacuum cleaner with a long hose attachment and a dryer vent brush kit (which retails for about $20 at Home Depot).

Unplug your dryer.

Remove the lint filter from your dryer, and use your vacuum to not only vacuum the filter itself, but set it inside the crevices of your dryer to make sure all the lint has been removed as much as possible.

Pull the dryer out a little if needed, and disconnect the dryer duct (which is that long silver tube in the back of your dryer). It can be easier to remove it from both the wall as well as the back of the dryer, so you can vacuum it out efficiently. Vacuum that tube as much as possible to remove any clogs.

If you’re able, use the long extension on your vacuum to also vacuum the duct connection on the back of your dryer, as well as the connection that is on your wall.

Reattach the ductwork, slide your dryer back into place, and run it for a few minutes to have any loose lint pieces go into the lint trap. Now plug your dryer back in, and you’re ready to use it again!

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